My Daily Life Story


I have been told that my life is like a sitcom and that I am also somebody's hero, but I just think about the millions of people that have gone through what I have and the ones that have it worse. 

I will use this section to share my life story. Daily struggles as well as happy times. Starting from my childhood. 


Chapter One


I am originally from the Dominican Republic. My mom's family is Lebanese and my dad's is Italian. I grew up in the capital, which is Santo Domingo.

By the time I was born, my mom had gotten involved in politics and I can not remember, but my siblings tell me that my mom would say "I'll be right back" and I would wait for her sitting at the door of the house. This was when I was two years old. There are photos of me somewhere waiting out there waiting for her. 

I would get these pink spots all over after a few days and they would disappear when she returned. The doctor told my parents that it was emotional because they would only happen when they left for a few days, and would go away when they returned home.

I was definitely attached to her all my life.

To this day, I still get the spots, but only when I am very stressed out. It is only on one side of my face now, right below my left or right eye. 

It is amazing how small things like someone we are so attached to and/or love so much telling us "I'll be right back", and not returning for days follows us into adulthood.